About Us

P L A T Y E – is a clothing line created by an architect. The collection was created at the interface of interests to the person and the form, their interaction and enrichment of one through the other.

The slogan of the brandP L A T Y E – simplicity and anthropology – attention to the person and the exclusion of excess. Since ancient times man, creating a space around himself, sought to regulate the chaos of the environment, to subordinate it to geometric forms. This is evidenced by archaeological excavations, maps of ancient settlements, so modern cities look now. People created maps of the starry sky, uniting disparate groups of celestial bodies into constellations. From the Greek word “space” – translates “order.” Michelangelo said – to see the beauty must be discarded. Line dress “DRESS” gives people the opportunity to realize the desire for geometry, feel even closer to the Absolute. The images of “DRESS” are stable, geometric, strong and bright. Style is sustained. The main lines and shapes are a parabola, a circle, a rectangle, a trapezoid. The rhythm is set by the steps of folds, the frequency of frills, rows of buttons, combinations of shapes. We create the outline of a person so that clothing becomes a harmonious integration into the environment, an external embodiment of oneself in it, a reconciled balance between space and individuality. Particular attention is paid to details and elements: comfortable pockets, belts and fasteners, buttons of the right sizes, straps and zippers – all echo in unison with the image. Each element is checked for relevance and aesthetics. Soft, natural fabrics – a move designed to feel a person when interacting with clothing, a healthy environment for life. The collection uses flax and cotton and their combinations.