Dress Harmony

New geometrical dress for nymphs!

The lowered line of a sleeve and volume in a forearm gives to a dress Harmony an unexpected and distinguished silhouette.

The rhythm and volume set 4 inverted pleats located on a skirt and sleeves. Behind 2 set-in ties located under skirt folds. They allow to make a silhouette fitted, or, in not tied look, develop behind, forming the folds similar to the pianist’s dress coat.

The pocket in this dress one, is a pocket kangaroo and it is hidden in front under skirt folds. It is unexpected for classical dresses, but very much a convenient and capacious pocket. Its depth is very convenient for hands and storage of strategically necessary objects, such as mobile phone, sweets or cash cards and other is momentary necessary trifles.

Material 100% linen, a pocket from cotton.

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